EatShudh’s Bajra Flour is made from 100% pure bajra grains sourced from the finest mandis of north India to support farmers. Known by different names like Sajje, Kambu, and Pearl Millet.


  • Bajra is a naturally gluten-free millet with a high protein content
  • Bajra contains carbohydrates that are digested slowly and maintain a stable sugar level for a long period. This makes them a healthy food option for diabetics. Contain carbohydrates.
  • Rich in fiber, helps in weight management.
  • Has high phosphorus and iron content 


  • Order to Mill: 100% freshly milled as every order goes for grinding once you place the order. Fresh aata helps you make fluffy and soft rotis.
  • Traditionally Ground: Slow grinding ensures that vital nutrients are not vaporized and are preserved. 
  • 100% whole grain: Chakki fresh bajra flour for tastier & healthier life

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      I've ordered this three times. It was ok the first time, not good second time, great the third time. I'll update my review after a few more purchases

      Manish kumar
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      I would absolutely love to recommend Eatshudh Bajra Flour to anyone who is looking around for a healthy, nutritious bag of flour.

      Slesha sharma
      Pure and authentic

      Great products.

      Healthy Bajra Khichdi.

      Bajre ki khichdi recipe is usually prepared during winters. It is a staple food of Northern India, especially in Haryana and Rajasthan. This wholesome khichdi is perfect for breakfast or brunch. Its comforting taste makes it a lovely meal when served with a cup of curd.

      2 cups of bajra
      1 cup moong dal dhulli
      Salt (as directed by your dietitian)
      1/8 tsp asafoetida
      1 tsp cumin seeds
      2 tsp coriander powder

      Wash the bajra, drain and pound.
      Toss to remove the husk.
      Then, mix bajra, moong dal, with enough water to cook tender to have a thick consistency.
      Pressure cook it till 4 whistles.
      Then, add cumin, heeng and coriander powder.
      When the cumin splutters, add the bajra mixture and then sim it for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy.
      Nutritional Facts.

      Carbs – 31 g
      Dietary fiber – 4g
      Sugar – 0g
      Fat – 5g
      Protein – 6g
      Sodium – 3 mg
      Potassium – 199 mg
      Vitamin A – 3%
      Vitamin C – 0%
      Calcium – 1%

      <•> Bajra contains insoluble fiber and magnesium which helps diabetics. It can also be included in the diabetes diet.
      <•> It is rich in iron that helps in controlling anemia. Iron also improves your memory. Bajra khichdi relieves constipation, detox and eliminates toxins, promotes good skin and eye health.
      <•> Moong dal is considered food for weight loss. It is a low-fat food and is also rich in protein and fiber.
      <•> It also promotes good metabolism and helps in building the immune system. Cumin seeds help in fighting and curing diarrhea. They also help in killing harmful bacteria.